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The Truth about Torture at Guantanamo

The Truth about Torture at Guantanamo Get the facts about the legacy of torture at Guantanamo Bay Prison.

Musicians Join Close Gitmo Now Campaign

Musicians Join Close Gitmo Now Campaign Join Tom Morello, Trent Reznor, REM, Pearl Jam, and nearly 20 musicians who are standing up against torture.



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The Reality of Civilian Trials for Terrorists

December 02, 2010  |  Posted by Daniel Pollitt

The conviction of Ahmed Ghailani is just one more example of the effectiveness of civilian trials for terrorists. Read More »

New York Times: Some Skeptics Questioning Rosy Reports on War Zone

November 08, 2010  |  Posted by Daniel Pollitt

The spin machine is in full mode according to an article on the war in Afghanistan in today's New York TimesRead More »

Judge to Hear Arguments on Targeted Killing of U.S. Citizen by Obama Administration

November 08, 2010  |  Posted by Daniel Pollitt

Today, a federal judge will hear arguments on the legality of the plan by the Obama administration to use lethal force against a U.S. citizen. Read More »

New York Times: Mental Health Visits Rise as Parent Deploys

November 08, 2010  |  Posted by Daniel Pollitt

A study on the effects of repeated deployments of members of the military, found that their children are 10 % more likely to see a doctor for a "...mental health difficulty when a parent is deployed than when a parent is home." Read More »

Close Gitmo and Use the Legal System [VIDEO]

July 26, 2010  |  Posted by Ryan Anderson

This weekend, friend of the Close Gitmo Campaign Marcy Wheeler moderated a panel on closing Gitmo and using the legal system to prosecute terrorism at the Netroots Nation conference in Las Vegas. Panelists featured are Rep. Jerry Nadler,'s Matt Alexander, blogger/journalist Adam Serwer and Center for Constitutional Rights' Vince Warren. Read More »

For Terrorism Trials, Civilian Courts are up to the Job

July 20, 2010  |  Posted by Dianne Feinstein

Our federal courts are unmatched at putting terrorism suspects on trial, collecting intelligence when possible and sending them away for good. Read More »

Move the Movement & End the War

June 08, 2010  |  Posted by Ryan Anderson

It’s time for the progressive movement to rise to this challenge and counter this pressure from conservatives to set our foreign policy on a new path -- starting with the escalating war in Afghanistan. Read More »

Who Needs a Constitution Anyway?

May 05, 2010  |  Posted by Ryan Anderson

When it comes to the 2nd Amendment and your right to pack a Colt .45 everywhere you go, just in case you need to shoot something, right wingers will back you to the end. Which, when everyone is armed, could come rather quickly. But if Joe Lieberman and John McCain get their way, the Constitution and its guarantee of basic rights will become optional. And when Glenn Beck becomes the most rational voice on the Right, you know we've taken a wrong turn... Read More »

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